Are you familiar with this situation? A customer spends a long time seeking a suitable product and, at worst, gives up and leaves the store without buying anything. We have the solution to this problem: The findbox. findbox implements a sophisticated detection technology to identify objects carried by customers. Using this information, it suggests suitable products available on the store's shelf or in stock. In combination with the optional LightGuide system, you can even lead customers to the desired product. Shopping has never been easier!


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findbox features a revolutionary product identification technology. Contrary to other systems, findbox does not rely on barcodes but on a highly complex multi-camera system, which merges recorded images into a 3D mesh and performs a series of tests. For example, 3D shapes are analysed, colours extracted and compared, texts read, logos, shapes and icons evaluated and matched with the database in 3 seconds with the help of data mining algorithms. This technique is unique and can be used in the retail industry for a number of product groups. In the future, let findbox identify the product and give your staff a break. Make finding fun with findbox!





findbox's technology is suitable for a broad range of product categories. As we designed the underlying software and hardware, we considered a wide range of possible objects. Thus, we can detect ink cartridges, light bulbs and cell phones but also other items such as batteries, screws and various spare parts. Further products can be added thanks to the comprehensive information extracted by our algorithms. We will be more than happy to let you know if a particular product is suitable for detection.





Seeking an optimal design, we engaged with higher education institutions to define a state-of-the-art user interface, fitted with the latest technologies like eye tracking, heat maps and other scientific methods. The result: A well-engineered yet surprisingly flexible interface.





Automatic recognition is by no means the only way to provide your customers with search results. Our carefully designed wizard will help them find the right product almost immediately, even without recognisable objects at hand. From now on, leave nothing to chance and lead customers to their products.





At times, customers may be offered a number of options for a desired product. This can be seamlessly managed with our Pay Per Click system. The system allows you to easily define the most appropriate product sorting before customer presentation. Thus, you can highlight high-margin products and help customers to a corresponding purchase. In addition, the system provides extensive tracking methods to help you share marketing costs with manufacturers. Its operation is akin to Google's AdWords and opens up new revenue streams.




findbox OS, our own operating system, is a very stable software solution. Indeed, findbox OS is based on Linux, a platform famous for its reliability and security features. The system features a built-in, automatic update system, which keeps your findbox always at the latest software release version. Furthermore, we deliver a cloud-based administration tool whereby you can remotely control your findbox. Prices and product adjustments have never been easier. Moreover, we provide very detailed statistic modules to gain decisive insight into your customer's behaviour and product preferences. Use this information to fine-tune your product offering and allow your turnover to grow.


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